NAV Luster helps you as a refugee to integrate in your municipality. Norskopplæringa in Sogndal is the local municipality's unit in charge of refugee resettlement, the Introductory Programme, and tuition in the Norwegian language and social studies. 

Introductory Programme for refugees - learn how to integrate into society

If you're a refugee the Introductory Programme gives you an opportunity to learn Norwegian, gain work experience, and learn about Norwegian society.

Who has the right and obligation to join the programme?

Broadly speaking there are three groups that have the right and obligation to participate in the Introductory Programme:

  • New refugees who arrive in Norway between the age of 18 and 55

  • People who are settled in agreement with The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDI)

  • Family-reunited immigrants thar have not been settled in Norway for more than five years

Immigrants between 55 and 65 have a right to take in the tuition but are not required to do so.

You have to join the programme to get a settlement and work permit

You must have at least 600 hours of Norwegian lessons if you want to get a settlement and work permit in Norway. The lessons consist of 550 hours of Norwegian tuition and 50 hours of social studies, learning about Norwegian society. It is possible to apply for up to 2700 additional hours of Norwegian lessons. 


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